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Your home is one of your largest investments and you constantly want to protect it, improve on it or maintain its original splendor. For each task, however insignificant, you want to be sure that you have the best team working with you. Reid Services is a contracting firm solidly established in the Round Rock area devoted to providing quality service for your entire home contracting needs.

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Addition to your Home

As your family grows, so do your needs and you soon find that you need a barn or shed on your property to work on your favorite hobbies. Maybe your children need a peripheral fence to keep them safe while they play in the garden. Perhaps you like to entertain outdoors and want to build a smart patio with attached bar. For all these services and more, you need just one name – Reid Services. Our dedicated team of technicians are qualified and certified to build any sort of addendum to your existing property. Their wealth of experience in the field of outdoor installations will guarantee you get the finish you expect at the price you need. Reid Services is known for its commitment to quality customer service and takes pride in delivering first-rate solutions for the discerning customer.

Enhancing your Garden

Nothing enhances the grandeur of your home than a well-designed and landscaped garden. In today’s day and age, there are a variety of styles available each offering its own charm and beauty to your home and garden. You could be inclined towards a more ornamental theme with beautifully trimmed plants and intricate walkways. Possibly you would like a more functional garden with open lawns for your children to play. Your garden requirements could range from repotting a few plants or larger scale efforts like trees being repositioned. Reid Services comes with a team of expert arborists and garden professionals who can service all your requirements promptly, efficiently and effectively.

Home Washing and Cleaning

Over time the exterior walls of your house get stained with mildew and dirt. Your concrete driveway and patio gets dusty and dull. Your gutters get clogged causing drain blockage. Your roof gets ugly black algae streaks. Reid Services is well equipped with pressure washing and contractor grade cleaners. The team of technicians will visit your home, assess the job requirement, optimally adjust the pressure washers and clean your exteriors without causing any damage to your property.

Floor Installations

Contractors from Reid Services are the best choice for all types of floor installations. Flooring has to be done right the first time, or else it can cause a host of irritating issues like dampness, mildew, cracked boards and bunched up carpets. Reid Services is well trained and certified to install all sorts of flooring solutions. The team is constantly upgrading their skills and qualifications as new flooring options get introduced into the market. Whatever you need, no matter how significant a job or how minor a task, if you need a contractor, you need to call Reid Services. You will be working with experienced, well-trained, qualified and certified professionals whose number one priority is exceeding your expectations. Call today and let’s get started.

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