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Nothing enhances the warmth and comfort of your backyard or front yard like a well designed and constructed deck. It is your space to lay back, relax with a warm drink and watch the world go by.

Reid Services Deck Solutions

Reid Services offers a range of deck solutions to create a personal space tailor made for you and your family to enjoy. Irrespective of the objective – whether to have outdoor seating space or for garden parties or even for your children to play, Reid Services can build what you need with the quality finish you expect. Using a range of materials and equipment to suit every client’s budget, the team at Reid Services is your number one choice for deck and patio construction.

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Fences with Reid Services

There are a number of reasons for building a fence around your property or your patio. Safety is usually the number one reason and families particularly with pets or small children often prefer to construct fences to ensure their loved ones are safe from harm at all times. Aesthetic reasons also lead to ornamental fence constructions, adding charm and quaintness to your home exterior. Reid Services can offer you a range of fence solutions to meet your fencing needs. They offer water proofed wood fences, metal chain link fences, brick or concrete fences and others designed to meet the needs of a diverse customer base.