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Choosing a floor covering for your home can be a nerve-racking experience. You want it to be attractive, sturdy, easy to clean, safe and durable. Once you’ve chosen it, you need to get someone to install it and this aspect of the flooring process is both vital and often times underestimated. An improperly installed floor can cause a variety of long-term issues. Excessive gaps from improperly attached tiles can lead to mildew and fungus collection, insufficient gap can lead to the floor losing shape. Aesthetically it can be a disaster with mismatched floor patters, folds in the carpet and other eyesores. Substandard floor installations can also be unsafe. It can cause cracks and breakages not to mention trip and slip hazards.

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The Reid Services Guarantee

Reid Services are the premier floor installers in your neighborhood. The team of professionals are fully trained and equipped to install all types of floor tiles. They are committed to providing quality service so that your floor is beautiful, safe and hassle free. With Reid Services, you can be certain that the final end product is as stunning as you imagined it when you made your selection.

The flooring industry is constantly evolving and every day new types of tiles and products are launched. Reid Services are firmly committed to being up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. Flooring technicians are constantly attending comprehensive training and quality testing programs so that they are certified in all types of floor installations. With each advance in the technology and fashion, Reid Services moves along, available to support for all sorts of floor installation requirements.

At Reid Services, we train floorcovering installers in the correct techniques of installation. And we don’t stop there! Reid Services installers go through rigorous testing, demonstrating their installation techniques in a hands-on test to achieve certification of their skill level. They keep training, advancing in techniques and learning the new ones as new flooring products are made.

When you choose a reid services floorcovering installer, you know your flooring will be installed correctly by a professional, certified installer who will do the job right.

Reid Services installers are committed to excellence in craft and in customer service. We want you to be happy and your floor to be beautiful. And we want it to stay beautiful, too.